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Got Nerve?

Inspiration comes from deep inside. Some have it. Some need it.

Chris Kaag was barely out of his teens when he received a staggering blow: He was diagnosed with a rare degenerative nerve disorder and was told he would never walk again.

“Got Nerve?” is a fast-paced, inspirational documentary that follows Chris in his role as a motivator. A heartwarming and personal film, "Got Nerve?" will challenge preconceived notions and shatter conventional wisdom.

In The Same Boat
The Future of Food from Land & Sea 

“In The Same Boat” compares Newfoundland’s cod fishery collapse to the potential for irreversible damage to Alberta’s farmlands. Through the personal stories of farmers and fishermen we will gain a new understanding of the value of living off the land and the sea, and the consequences of taking both for granted.

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A Time Apart: A History of Hope

A search, a journey, a life’s dream fulfilled. 

Holocaust survivor, Alice Zuckerman never gave up hope that she would find her family, lost after the Second World War. 

Alice reunites with her family and takes us on a moving journey through old Eastern Europe, a world that seemingly disappeared through Nazism and communism, yet this world remains vital in the hearts of the people she meets along the way.

Baton Twirling in Canada

A far cry from the common misconception of majorettes marching in a parade, baton twirlers perform seemingly impossible gymnastic and dance maneuvers under a spinning metal stick.

Canada is proud home to some of the World’s best baton twirlers. For the first time ever, Canada’s World Baton Twirling champions share their stories, exploring the history of World Baton Twirling Federation events in Canada, the lessons they learned from the sport.

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Akain Wari: Building the Niger Delta

Akain Wari: Building the Niger Delta explores how the use of solar technology benefits Nigerian villages.